“Sanistride is truly a great product!”

Several years ago I was asked to find a cost effective, reliable, safe and effective way to reduce environmental risks from foot traffic.

We were having some problems with external debris, soils and bacteria being brought in. Being that we are a food manufacturing facility, the typical train of thought has always been the deep, heavy mats that need sanitizers to be replaced every 4-6 hours or powders or granules.

– Supervisor of Sanitation, Food Production Facility, Erie, PA

The granules become slick and the powders can get tracked everywhere and can eventually lead to coatings which can be difficult to remove (especially in areas where a wet clean is not ideal). Those old mats can be heavy and difficult to clean or change when soiled. I happened to see your SaniStride foot mats and inserts while searching for solutions. I reached out to you (Spark Boemi, President, SaniStride) and you gave me the info I needed. At the time, you had never had a large food manufacturer ask about the product. I think we were both excited to see if they could stand up to our facilities challenges.


The price was reasonable and the directions simple. We wouldn’t need to add any chemical to our mix and we wouldn’t need to add any real labor. It would be simple enough just to have people stand on the mats while doing what we do every time we come in the building… put on a hairnet, wash our hands or even just walk through the door… So we tried them at a couple sinks and an entry way. Since then, we have placed them at all of our sinks and at all points of entry. We have incorporated them at some of our other plants and the results speak for themselves. We have not only reduced the risk of environmental contamination from foot traffic coming into the building, but we have all but eliminated the need for a shoe capture program (which can be quite costly). People don’t even think about it when stepping onto the mat, they just walk right on. If they get dirty on one side, we can flip them. They maintain the sanitizer strength throughout a day and if the residual value of the sanitizer drops, we just “re-charge” them. They last for some time if maintained so we don’t go through a lot of them even though our traffic is extremely heavy. It is truly a great product!


I don’t know if it is used throughout the food industry yet, but my opinion is, they should be.

Thank you for this product and all your help!

– Supervisor of Sanitation, Food Production Facility, Erie, PA