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Made entirely in the USA, The SaniStride®; Stride, Sports, Stride Low Profile, Long Runner and Wide Runner Shoe Sanitizer Mat Systems all come with one of our proprietary inserts in place in the rubber base mat. The insert is very absorbent and able to hold within it a large quantity of shoe disinfectant for delivery to the shoe bottoms when stepped on. Much like a disinfectant boot bath or boot dip mat, if charged properly, the SaniStride Systems are able to deliver a large quantity of sanitizer deep into the shoe treads and crevices, thoroughly soaking the germs on the bottoms of footwear… but without the messy splashing and wave creating loss of disinfectant that occurs in the open puddle boot mats. Also because the majority of the shoe disinfectant is contained in our spongy insert, loss of liquid due to evaporation is not as considerable as the open puddle shoe mats or other shoe sanitizer mats. Do not use chlorine bleach in the SaniStride Systems, it will damage them.

If you plan to use a SaniStride System 24/7, you will want to purchase an additional insert for each mat for rotational purposes. Our replaceable proprietary insert cannot be placed in the dryer or extractor as doing this would damage the insert. To clean, rinse the insert with lots of clean water… then the insert should be placed on edge for 12 hours to drip dry before being put back into service. Please see the Stride Mat video for more instruction or our setup and maintain page.