Low Profile Mat System 1/2″ Deep


Product# LP-SYS 01

MADE ENTIRELY in the USA! Meets ADA Specifications.

The SaniStride® Stride LOW PROFILE Footwear Sanitizing and cart wheel  Disinfecting Mat System is comprised of a SBR rubber base mat with 1/2″ deep sanitizer well and our proprietary spongy, dark grey carpeted insert with a bright color trim.

* 4″ wide surround ramps & 1/2″ total mat height – very easy on/off

The outer dimensions of the rubber base mat are 43″L x 27″

  • The inner dimensions (wet sanitizer surface / insert) are 34″ L x 18″ W x 1/2″ Deep
  • Weight of the LOW PROFILE System is 13 lbs

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Quality American Craftsmanship

Lead time is 3-5 business days – ships UPS ground from Oregon.

Note: Sanitizer solution not included SaniStride does not sell or distribute sanitizers. Please see the Setup and Maintenance page for recommendations on sanitizer usage. And be sure to question your chemical supplier regarding the efficacy of the sanitizer you are using.

Sorry, ALL SALES FINAL, NO RETURNS… Due to the possibility of contamination as a result of customer receiving, testing and re-shipping, SaniStride® does not accept returns and does not offer refunds. However you can cancel this order within 24 hours of ordering.

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LP wet surface = 34″ x 18″ Sanitizer Mat

The 1/2″ thick Low Profile insert is a Sanistride® proprietary design. We suggest charging the LP insert with 108-114 fluid ounces maximum of sanitizer, making this one of the best sanitizing footbath mats on the market.

Similar to the original SaniStride 1″ STRIDE Mat shoe sanitizing system,

The 1/2″ Stride LOW PROFILE  Mat allows the user to take 2 steps while crossing… “Two Steps Closer to Reducing the Spread of Germs®”.

At just a 1/2” in height and with 4” wide ramps surrounding a 34″x18″ sanitizer wet surface, the Stride LOW PRO or Stride LP Mat was specifically designed for the ease of entry and exit of shoe sanitizer users. The low mat height and long width of the ramps are extremely beneficial for easy entry and exit while pushing a heavily laden cart across it to disinfect the cart wheels as well as the transporter’s shoes.

High Quality & Durable Foot Sanitizer Mat Applications

The low profile of our new mat provides simple shoe sanitizing possibilities for many applications, especially in the public arena as it is very effective at diminishing the cross contamination of germs when used as directed for;

*hospital public entrance and medical exam/treatment/quarantine rooms, surgery and emergency room entrances and any industrial foot bath use.

*entrances to doctor, dental, veterinary medical/treatment centers and offices

*laboratory, pharmacy, computer high-tech interior and exterior doorways

*sports/training facility and locker room entries and exists

*research center clean room entrances and interior passageways.

*restaurant entries and passageways between kitchen to service and customer areas.

*restroom exits

*airport security, terminal and airline entry points

*cruise ship entry and kitchen/service entry/exit

*office buildings

*police and fire/rescue station entrances

The height of the LP mat at 1/2 inch could possibly fit below the swing clearance of some interior doors to straddle the entrance/exit passageway.

The SaniStride LP proprietary 1/2” thick insert delivers a very thorough saturation of sanitizer deep into the treads and crevices of footwear effectively reaching the germs that are lodged there.

Please be advised that for some heavy industrial and commercial uses especially in food production, our original Stride 1″ deep base-mat with a 1” thick insert included might be better suited.

The 1/2″ thick Low Profile insert is a Sanistride® proprietary design. We suggest charging the LP insert with 108-114 fluid ounces maximum of sanitizer. Because of our proprietary insert design, there are no waves and little to no splashing making the SaniStride System one of the best sanitizing footbath mats on the market.  

Simple Sanitizer Mat Clean Up

Sanistride® mats have an easy clean-out protocol: Simply flush/rinse the insert and base-mat with clean water in a utility sink or with a hose. Stand or hang the insert on-end to drain the water quickly and drip dry overnight. If you desire to use the System 24/7, you will want to order a replacement insert with your initial order… it is needed for the cleaning rotation process as one will need to drip dry overnight. Please see the Setup and Maintenance page for more info.

(Please note: DO NOT put the insert in the EXTRACTOR, WASHER or DRYER as this will destroy the insert and its inner material.)