Blemished Stride Mat System 1″ Deep


Product# STR-SYS BL


Some RUBBER SURFACE BLEMISHES and INTERIOR WALL GOUGING (see close-up pictures) – Leak Free Guarantee.

New 1″ thick dark grey double-sided carpet insert in place… your choice red, yellow or blue trim.

* 2-1/2″ wide surround ramps & 1-1/16″ total mat height

  • The outer dimensions of the rubber base mat are – 39″L x  23″W x 1-1/16″H
  • The inner dimensions (wet sanitizer surface / insert) are – 34″L x 18W x 1″D
  • Weight of the STRIDE System is 15 lbs

Blemished Stride shoe sanitizer door mats are typically available at discounted pricing… a savings of $39.70. A “blem” or “second” Stride base mat can have some small divots or cracks, popped air bubbles, slight discoloring or small melted blemishes. These imperfections by no means compromise the functionality of the SaniStride dispensing system or create any leaks in the basemat. Most customers do not even recognize the “seconds” as having any blemishes.

Lead time is 3-5 business days – ships UPS ground from Oregon.

Note: Sanitizer solution not included – SaniStride does not sell or distribute sanitizers. Please see the Setup and Maintenance page for recommendations on sanitizer usage.  And be sure to question your chemical supplier regarding the efficacy of the sanitizer you are using.

Sorry, ALL SALES FINAL, NO RETURNS… Due to the possibility of contamination as a result of customer receiving, testing and re-shipping, SaniStride® does not accept returns and does not offer refunds. However you can cancel this order within 24 hours of ordering.

Order 1″ thick replacement inserts here.

Yes we do ship to Canada!
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The SaniStride® 1″ deep STRIDE  BLEMISHED mat allows you to take 2 steps while crossing the mat… “Two Steps Closer to Reducing the Spread of Germs®” – The SaniStride STRIDE Mat – for industrial/commercial applications and heavy foot-traffic.

The SaniStride® Mat is an effective germ killing delivery system when used as directed for:
Hospital/Lab & Health Care Clinics, Food Processing, Farm & Agriculture, Sports Facilities & Locker Rooms, Aquarium, High Technology, Veterinary, Emergency Medical & Fire Service, Law Enforcement and many other applications.

The Stride 1″ thick insert is a Sanistride® proprietary design. We suggest charging the 1″ Stride insert with 1-1.5 Gal maximum of sanitizer. As per your clean out protocol simply flush/rinse the insert and base-mat with lots of clean water in a utility sink or with a hose. You must then stand or hang the insert on-end to drain the water quickly and drip dry overnight. DO NOT put the insert in the EXTRACTOR, WASHER or DRYER as this will DESTROY the insert and its inner material. If you desire to use the System 24/7, you will want to order a replacement insert with your initial order… it is needed for the cleaning rotation process as one will need to drip dry overnight. Please see the Setup and Maintenance page for more info.