Shoe Sanitizer Dispensing Mat



Two Steps Closer to Reducing the Spread of Germs® – Entirely Made In The USA… and proud of it!

NO WAVES, NO SPLASHING, NO OVERFLOW or MESS with our Proprietary replaceable Insert and NO BLACK FLOOR MARKINGS from our rubber basemat.

SaniStride® shoe sanitizer mats are Shoe Disinfectant Dispensing Mats, aka Shoe dip mats, sanitizing boot bath mats, boot dip mats and Sanitizing Doormat, designed to easily deliver disinfectant to the bottoms and treads of shoes and boots. Simple to use, the SaniStride® system has been independently lab tested and proved to be an effective Shoe Sanitizer Dispensing System for reducing the spread of the germs (COVID-19, MRSA and many others) if specified and targeted by the sanitizer/disinfectant of your choice.

By adding the Sanitizer of your choice (Sanitizer NOT included in the SaniStride Systems… no chlorine products please as they will stain and deteriorate both the insert and rubber base mat and void warranty), the SaniStride® STRIDE 1″ deep Mat is an effective germ killing sanitizer dispensing system, diminishing the cross contamination of germs when used as directed in commercial/industrial applications such as:

  • Hospital, Food Processing/Manufacturing/Packaging, Farm & Agriculture, Linen Cleaning Services, Cannabis Grows and Plant Nurseries, Wildlife Centers, Marine Aquarium & Fish Hatcheries, Emergency Medical & Fire Service, Law Enforcement, and many other applications.

Our NEW Low Profile mat was designed specifically for public areas…

At just a 1/2 inch in height and with 4 inch wide ramps surrounding a 34”x18” wet surface, the Stride LOW PRO or Stride LP Mat was specifically designed for the ease of entry and exit of shoe sanitizer users. The low mat height and long width of the ramps are extremely beneficial for entry and exit while pushing a laden cart across it to disinfect the cart wheels as well as the transporter’s shoes.

The low profile of our new mat creates easy and safe crossings for all shoe sanitizing applications, especially in the public arena as it helps to diminish the cross-contamination of germs…

*hospital public entrance and medical exam/treatment/quarantine rooms, surgery and emergency room entrances.   *entrances to doctor, dental, veterinary medical/treatment centers and offices.   *laboratory, pharmacy, computer high-tech interior and exterior doorways.   *sports/training facility and locker room entries and exists.   *research center clean room entrances and interior passageways.   *restaurant entries and passageways between kitchen to service and customer areas.   *restroom exits.   *airport security, terminal and airline entry points.   *cruise ship entry and kitchen/service entry/exit.   *office buildings.   *police and fire/rescue station entrances.    *hotels and senior care centers.

The action of stepping on a SaniStride® Mat causes an injection of the shoe sanitizer of your choice into the shoe treads thoroughly saturating them and the germs trapped in the crevices. This effectively diminishes the spread of germs by shoe to floor contact… non-sudsing Quaternary shoe sanitizers are recommended for use in the mats to help avoid slipping when exiting with wet shoes… as well as the use of a drying mat to exit onto for wiping the shoes dry to help protect flooring from exposure to the sanitizer solution. Contact your local janitorial supplier for a concentrated Quaternary shoe sanitizer that you will dilute with water as the most cost effective way to charge the systems.

ALL SALES FINAL, NO RETURNS… Due to the possibility of contamination as a result of customer receiving, testing and re-shipping, SaniStride® does not accept returns and does not offer refunds. However you can cancel your order within 24 hours of ordering.