SaniStride® shoe disinfecting mats are Shoe Sanitizer Dispensing Systems/Shoe Baths designed to easily disinfect the bottoms and treads of shoes and boots. Simple to use, the SaniStride® system has been independently lab tested to be 99.99% effective as a Shoe Sanitizer Delivery System for reducing the spread of the germs (MRSA and many others) targeted by the sanitizer/disinfectant of your choice.

Sanistride® is a shoe sanitizer dispensing mat system. Sanistride LLC does not sell or distribute shoe disinfectant chemicals.

Please contact your local janitorial supplier or search online for 1-gallon of concentrated quaternary shoe sanitizer.

Floor Mats designed to effectively deliver Shoe Sanitizer to the bottoms of footwear

SaniStride™ sanitizing floor mat, disinfecting, antimicrobial, sanimat floor mat effective against the spread of germs, MRSA, HIV by shoe to floor contact.
SaniStride™ sanitizing floor mat, disinfecting, antimicrobial, sanimat floor mat effective against the spread of germs, MRSA, HIV by shoe to floor contact.
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Walking across the SaniStride® Mat injects a shoe sanitizer of your choice (non-sudsing Quaternary shoe sanitizers are recommended for use in the mat) into the shoe treads throughly saturating them. This effectively diminishes the spread of germs by shoe to floor contact.

A majority of the micro-organisms carried by our footwear get lodged in the shoe treads. When “striding” 2 steps across the length of the SaniStride® Mat, the disinfectant that gets injected into the treads, soaks and kills the germs gathered in all the small crevices. Upon stepping off the mat this wetting will take a minute or so to air dry. This is usually sufficient enough time for the sanitizer to be highly effective at diminishing the spread of bacteria and viruses.

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Sanistride Industrial shoe sanitizing mat
SaniStride™ sanitizing, disinfecting Floor Mat takes “Feet Wiping” to a whole new Sanitized Level.SaniStride_Industrial.html

The SaniStride® Mat is an effective germ killing delivery system when used as directed for: Medical/Lab & Health Care Clinics, Food Processing, Sports Facilities & Locker Rooms, High Technology, Veterinary, Emergency Medical & Fire Service, Law Enforcement and many other applications.

Sanitizing Floor Mat Sanistride™ disinfecting mat kills MRSA and other germs.

Please proceed to Shoe Sanitizing and SaniStride® Setup as they are informative directories for details on product concepts and use that will have implementations for your specific SaniStride System needs. Also please see our newly released “home office sports” mat.

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Sports shoe disinfecting mat for medical exam room, office hospital, home and more,
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Sanistride SPORTS mat for sports locker room and court-side, home, office, medical exam room, clinic, veterinary and any small room or non commercial space application.Get_Quote-Order.html
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Sanistride industrial mat helps keep cross contamination of germs at bay by sanitizing shoe soles and treads
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Shoe sanitizer mat, boot dip mat and footbath to disinfect shoes and reduce the spread of germs,


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NEW! LONG SHOE SANITIZER modular mat system

FOUR shoe sanitizer MAT SIZES... STRIDE, SPORTS, Stride Runner and Stride-Wide...


Sanistride Stride-Wide shoe sanitizer modular mat system for disinfecting and sanitizing shoes


SHOE SANITIZER modular mat system

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